Nature lover wants to save hedgehogs

Hedgehog campaign group chairman Anne Ryan.
Hedgehog campaign group chairman Anne Ryan.

An animal lover from Eastwood has set up a campaign group to try and help the declining number of hedgehogs.

Anne Ryan launched ‘NG16 Help Hedgehogs’ to raise awareness of endangered hedgehogs and to try and get Eastwood to become a ‘hedgehog friendly town’.

The 64-year-old said: “We have lost 30 million hedgehogs in the last 50 years, and now we are losing them faster than we are losing tigers in the wild. They are critically endangered.

“I can’t do anything about tigers in Africa but I can do something about hedgehogs on my doorstep.

“If we don’t act quickly they will be extinct. And I don’t that’s good enough.”

Anne, who has a resident hedgehog living in her garden, said Eastwood was an ideal town to help them because it is urban yet surrounded by fields.

“They are coming in to urban spaces because they are safer here.

“And as well as fields, Eastwood has a lot of traditional gardens.

“If we can get a few people willing to put a bit of food out and do a few simple things we can help the decline in hedgehogs. I really want Eastwood to help and become a hedgehog-friendly town.”

The campaigners have written letters to schools and councils asking for support, and are working with the Friends of Colliers Wood to improve the habitat at the site.

They are leaflet dropping in the area and have displays planned at various events in the coming months.

The group has set up a facebook page called Doorstep Nature.

Nationally over the last ten years we have lost a third of our hedgehogs.