Needle find sparks family’s warning

A FAMILY has issued a warning to parents after they found used needles outside their home.

Laura Oxley, 23, was just about to take her three year-old son Logan to nursery school in Eastwood when she spotted two syringes in the street next to her car on Fletcher Street in Heanor.

In a panic she kicked them to one side – and says it lucky her curious son did not pick one up and risk serious infection.

She said: “I was absolutely horrified all day – I was at work thinking, what if Logan had picked them up. It’s lucky we spotted them before.

“I have lived here all my life and I have never seen anything like that before.”

Laura, who works as a filing clerk in Derby called the police immediately.

As she was wearing open shoes, she was also concerned that she could have touched a part of a needle with her bare skin when she kicked them into the gutter.

Police put her in touch with the environmental services department at Amber Valley Borough Council.

Officers from the authority came to remove the syringes shortly after 9am.

Logan’s dad, Mark Claridge, 25, was equally horrified by the incident.

He said: “It’s disgusting really how people could just leave them outside of homes like that.”

The family say they now would now like to see the borough council’s street cleaning operation cover Fletcher Street.

Logan’s grandmother Judith Oxley, 50, said even a once-weekly check of the road by a litter-picking team could help save children like Logan from picking up dangerous syringes.

She said: “We adults know not to touch them, but a three-year-old doesn’t know that.

“I would expect most three-year-old children to pick it up and say, what’s this?”

A spokesperson for Amber Valley Borough Council said anyone who finds a needle should contact the needle hotline on 0800 092 51 31, which is free to call any time day or night.

The authority aims to collect a needle within two hours of any reported incident.