Neighbourhood News: Eastwood People’s Initiative

It has been a pleasure to welcome more new people to use our facilities over the past fortnight, and we have had a few people asking to volunteer for us. As we are busy getting the upstairs room ready before the open day, it is great that people are willing to give us some of their time to help. It also looks well on a CV if someone has done a bit of voluntary work.

The arts and crafts sessions on a Wednesday are going well and we have had an offer from an artist who works with slate, to come and give a few tips.

Someone unknown has donated lovely hand-knitted children’s garments for our “free” corner, thank you very much, and we are still asking for any wool, material or other craft items which we can either use ourselves or pass on to the experts.

In a similar way, any household goods, toiletries, etc will be well appreciated by less fortunate people.

Eastwood People’s Initiative