Neighbourhood News: The Kimberley Budget

Kimberley general views.'Kimberley Parish Hall, Newdigate Street.
Kimberley general views.'Kimberley Parish Hall, Newdigate Street.

Kimberley Town Council held an extraordinary meeting of the full council on Thursday, February 6, 2014, to discuss this year’s budget and to agree the precept for next year. The meeting was held in the Parish Hall and was open to members of the public and press.

During the meeting the chairman provided a brief presentation of the many initiatives, projects and successes of the year, this was followed by a detailed review of the Council’s finances by the Responsible Finance Officer. One of these successes has been the Stag Play Area regeneration project.

Phase one of this scheme is complete and phase two of the play area construction will start in March of this year. The Town Council, working with multiple partners, raised a sum of money just short of £180000. When complete Kimberley can enjoy a state of the art facility, a legacy for our children for a generation.

The Council has instigated a complete review of the needs of our cemetery chapel which included a consultation with members of our community. Two feasibility study documents were produced and have been considered by members of the public for the last few months. The council is currently in the process of sourcing external funding to implement option 3 of the technical document. This includes an extension to the chapel and an increase in floor space. This scheme has an approximate cost of £50000.

The town council was advised that Notts County Council, through its Local Improvement Scheme initiative, may possibly was likely to support our project with a donation of £35000. A letter supporting the scheme has gone to the environment and sustainability committee which meets on March 6. After this time the council is looking forward to be in a position to proceed with developing a project plan. The community will be invited to work with us on the project through our website and Facebook page.

The town council has allocated reserves of £15800 which added to the £35000 gets us to a working sum of £50000 for the project. However, in the meantime the council is continuing to source funding from other agencies in case the bid is not successful.

Councillors and members of the public were then given the opportunity to ask questions and make comment.

The council made the decision not to increase the precept for next year. Kimberley Town Council are pleased that this decision is possible whilst at the same time being able to continue with the ongoing work of maximising the facilities and services provided for our community.

For further details see our programme.