NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH: guard against opportunist thieves

Community news
Community news

Phew, this spell of warmer weather is quite nice but with the warmer weather comes more opportunity as people leave windows open.

Please be aware of the opportunist thief who will always be around looking for an easy access into your home!

Never leave the key to doors or windows in sight of them and stay extra safe by removing the keys from your door at night.

If there is a street light out on your road/avenue please call me so that I can report it.

Your street light is an added security against crime, if it’s out it makes life so much easier for the thief.

Please report it and unless there is an issue I can usually get the street light attended to inside seven days.

On my visits to the Age Concern on Edward Road I often think to myself how many people must live alone. The elderly and vulnerable of our society need our support wherever possible.

It would be nice to be aware of our close neighbours’ vulnerability and when possible to look out for them.

By that, I mean anyone acting suspicious knocking on their door or an unusual car that you don’t recognise parked outside.

We are the eyes and ears for these people. The main aim of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is to reduce the level of crime and encourage a ‘neighbourly’ spirit whereby people look after themselves and others in their area.

I can’t begin to tell you of some of the awful attacks that take place that possibly could be avoided if we were more observant.

Neighbourhood Watch provides a great opportunity for people to get involved in their communities, create a strong local spirit and crucially help keep their community safe.

Join us at our next NHW meeting at Eastwood Baptist Church on Percy Street on the amended date of May 27 at 7 pm.

As always report anything you see that is suspicious however minor you might feel it is. We need to assist the police in whatever way we can so always remember your call matters- please ring and report crime or your suspicion of a crime. Ring 999 to report a crime in progress or 101 for non urgent issues.