Neighbours’ misery during store works

NEAALM110713A4 - Cllr David kirwan outside Sainsburys in Kimberley
NEAALM110713A4 - Cllr David kirwan outside Sainsburys in Kimberley
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NEIGHBOURS’ lives are being made a misery by works to build an extension to a Kimberley supermarket running through the night.

Town councillor David Kirwan, who lives in Broomhill Road overlooking Sainsbury’s car park, said grinding sounds from cutting metal and bleeping from reversing lorries 24 hours a day were starting to affect people’s health.

He said: “I think we have been really reasonable so far,” he said.

“We don’t oppose the work, but it’s really inconvenient – in the hot weather people can’t even open their windows at night because of the noise.

“There are elderly people and some with terminal illnesses around here and it’s really started to affect them.”

Chairman of the council Roy Plumb said that he has had complaints about noise from residents living as far away as High Street and Newdigate Street ever since work started in March.

At a meeting of the town council last week he said: “People’s lives are being truly affected by this. They are getting no sleep and having to get up to go to work in the morning.”

Broxtowe Borough Council granted Sainsbury’s permission to extend the store to make way for an electrical and clothing department in January on the condition that works took place between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 1pm on Saturday.

But in an email to Kimberley Town Council, the authority has said the condition only applies to external works – work inside the store is not covered.

Cllr Kirwan said: “At the moment it’s just a roof with no walls where most of the work is taking place – how does that count as internal?

“We are very loyal to Sainsbury’s but if we had known it was going to be like this permission would never have been given.”

He also complained about the bad language used by builders on the site.

“It’s not nice for elderly people or their grandchildren to have to hear that,” he said.

A spokesman from Sainsbury’s said: “We are aware that concerns have been raised regarding noise and on-site behaviour. We have taken immediate action to ensure that works will not take place outside of agreed hours in the future, unless the council has given its permission. In addition, anyone found to be misbehaving whilst on-site will be disciplined.”

The works, expected to finish in a month, are set to reduce car parking spaces from 383 to 284 and change access to the site.

Under the plans, bosses are hoping to create 15 new full time jobs and 25 part-time positions.