Neighbours’ noise gripe at car wash

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Neighbours have hit out over noise from a car wash based at a former garage in Eastwood.

Broxtowe borough councillors have given the go-ahead for the firm to put up a higher boundary wall and a canopy — but officers said there was ‘no firm guarantee’ it would ease the noise for households on Nottingham Road.

Resident Peter Birkin told a meeting of the council’s development control committee: “The jet-washing vacuum is causing misery to our lives. This plan will not improve the situation.”

In a report to the council, members were told legal action had been taken against the business several times. This was because it allegedly opened outside permitted hours and operated in an area where the work was banned.

And in November, environmental health officers barred the use of jet washers on the site, the report stated.

Planning director Steve Dance told the committee: “We know it has been troublesome to the neighbours for many years and part of it falls under the realm of the environmental health officers and noise nuisance.”

But he pointed out that the councillors were being asked to decide whether to allow the building work and not the future of the operation.

Cllr Brian Wombwell said: “It can only improve matters and mitigate the complaint which the neighbours are making.”

Cllr Charlie Robb said he had visited the site and felt the firm would get permission for the work, even if the council turned it down.

“If it went to the inspector (on appeal), he would probably laugh us out of the room,” added Cllr Robb.

Attempts by the Advertiser to trace a spokesman for the car wash were unsuccessful.