New bus service after complaints

Councillors get funding for new bus service through Selston. Cllr Sam Wilson , cllr gail Turner and cllr David Darby
Councillors get funding for new bus service through Selston. Cllr Sam Wilson , cllr gail Turner and cllr David Darby

A NEW bus service will be launched in Selston, Jacksdale and Underwood after residents complained the public transport in the area was poor.

Three Selston councillors arranged for funding for the service after a survey showed pensioners could not get to the supermarket, people were struggling to get to work and college and there was no direct service to a nearby business park.

Selston councillors Gail Turner, David Darby and Sam Wilson decided to send the survey out after TrentBarton stopped its popular number 90 service and they started getting complaints from residents.

Cllr Turner said: “A lot of people filled the survey in and it proved there was a huge need for the service. We then had the evidence to get the funding.

“People were complaining they couldn’t get to the Co-op in Selston for example and there were elderly people unable to do their food shopping. It made life very difficult.

“It’s great news. It will open up a lot more opportunities, especially for young people getting to work and college. It will allow them to do things they couldn’t do before if they didn’t have their own transport.”

The service will go through all three villages and on to Sherwood Business Park in Annesley and Hucknall tram stop.

Cllr Turner said: “As it is, people can’t get to Sherwood Business Park.

“They have to take two buses and it takes about an hour. And while we were applying for money we wanted to extend it to Hucknall tram stop.

“It will cut down travelling time considerably and take people directly there.”

The councillors are now fighting to also get TrentBarton’s number 90 back on the road.

Selston parish councillor Penny Fell said she was pleased to hear about the new service.

“It’s brilliant news,” she said. “I don’t bother getting the tram to Nottingham because you need two buses to get to the tram stop, but I’ll go now.”

Cllr Fell said buses in Underwood were not frequent enough.

“All three buses for Nottingham and Eastwood come at quarter past the hour and there’s nothing in between”, she said.

“I’m really pleased. Hopefully it will encourage more people to leave their cars at home as well.”

The new bus service is due to launch this summer.