New campaign to extend tram line

A MAJOR campaign is being planned to gather public support to extend Nottingham's tram system to Eastwood and Kimberley.

Kimberley, Eastwood, and Nuthall Tram Action Group (KENTAG) plan to hand out flyers to people in the towns. They will also hand them to passengers as they get off the tram system at Phoenix Park in Nuthall to add weight to its campaign to get a feasibility study carried out.

At the moment, the Nottingham city tram system stops at Nuthall but campaigners want to see it extended to take in the towns.

KENTAG chairman Andy Cooper said he also plans to lobby business owners to find out how much they want to see the trams come to the area.

He said: "We are going to basically be saying to them' 'if you're interested in the tram then please join us.' I'm also going to be asking people if they think it would be a good thing for the towns.

"I want to test the waters with people and see what happens. We need to get as much public support as possible.

"The more support we get, the better chance we have. We are doing the best to get our message across. Nottinghamshire County Council is cutting back on all sorts of services so we will have to try to do everything we can to persuade them."

After its campaign, KENTAG plans to launch a petition which it will then hand to Nottinghamshire County Council, which is one of the groups in charge the trams project.

Neil Hodgson, a senior transport official from the county council, went to the the group's last meeting in November and advised members on the best course of action to take. Mr Hodgson also produced a document which showed the county council had drawn a proposed route up through Kimberley back in 2001.

Mr Cooper said: "Mr Hodgson coming along showed they are taking us seriously, and we were really pleased to see this was all being looked into years ago before we even got involved."

Mr Cooper, who lives on Ascot Avenue in Kimberley, has been invited to a light rail meeting at Westminster next week where he will put his case for a feasibility study into bringing the trams to the towns, which looks into the costs and possible routes.

Borough councillor for Kimberley Richard Robinson, who is backing KENTAG, said: "If we can get the feasibility study underway it will prove a very important building block in the process of obtaining the eventual funding that will be needed."

A spokesman at Nottingham City Council said it was impossible to say exactly how much a tram through Eastwood and Kimberley would cost, but that one line, which went through Nottingham city centre, cost 200 million and phase two of the trams network through Beeston and Chilwell is costing 500 million.

KENTAG was formed in July. For information on the group email