New chairman at town council

Kimberley Town Council's new chairman and vice-chairman
Kimberley Town Council's new chairman and vice-chairman
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A retired health professional and a former teacher have taken over the reins as Kimberley Town Council’s new chairman and vice-chairman.

Jim MicDonald, 61, of Troon Close, Kimberley, was given the chains of office at the council’s annual meeting.

“Local businessman Roy Plumb, who has great council experience and has always beena great ambassador for Kimberley will be a hard act to follow,” Mr McDonald told the Advertiser.

“I look forward to serving the town council and hte local community to the best of my ability. I feel privileged and because I am retired I promise to work hard to effect positive change.

“Dave and I are working together and aim to maximise the skills and expertise that each council member has.

“It is important that we all work together for the good of the people of Kimberley.”

Ex-teacher Dave Nunn, who will act as vice-chairman,added: “In light of other councils’ performances and their unwillingness to work together in some cases, we need to lead by example.

“The people of Kimberley, the town’s needs and its well-being are out future priority and we will do out utmost to fulfill those ideals.