‘New chapter’ for surgeries

Staff from Eastwood Primary Care Centre, pictured at their Church Walk site.
Staff from Eastwood Primary Care Centre, pictured at their Church Walk site.

Two GP surgeries in Eastwood have merged in a bid to offer a more streamline service to patients.

Church Walk surgery and the Church Street practice have merged to become Eastwood Primary Care Centre.

Dr Beth Homer, a GP at the centre, said: “It’s become an amalgamated service, so we are operating one system.

“We did it to try to improve patient access, because it’s always difficult for patients to get appointments.

“We thought if we had one system for more urgent appointments and one for routine appointments it would work much better. It’s been going great so far.”

Patients needing urgent medical care are sent to Church Street and the Church Walk surgery is used for more routine appointments.

Doctors work across both sites, with certain services run from Church Walk and others run from Church Street.

Brian Griffin was on the patient participation group at the Church Walk surgery before the merger.

He said the surgeries coming together benefits patients for a host of reasons.

Mr Griffin said: “It makes sense for both practices to join together.

“It will reap lots of benefits. The smaller a surgery is, the more vulnerable it is.

“Being one practice will definitely bring many benefits to the patients.

“There will be different people brought in – specialists and so on and we will be able to encourage different functions.

“We will have more power to our arm.”

Dr Nicole Atkinson, A GP at the centre and Nottingham West clinical commissioning group clinical lead, said it was an exciting move.

She said: “This is an exciting new chapter,

“We feel this merger will be in the best interest of all registered patients at both practices.

“While Church Street Medical Centre and Church Walk Surgery were both rated as outstanding, we have to ensure our services are robust, fit for the future, and continue to provide high quality care to Eastwood patients.”