New charges ‘not the ideal outcome’

CAR parking charges at Victoria Street car park in Kimberley and the Sun Inn car park in Eastwood will be reduced down to £1 for the whole day as of next month.

Broxtowe Borough Council reviewed charges at several car parks in Eastwood Kimberley and Stapleford earlier this year and has decided that, after the first free hour, charges will be reduced down to just £1 for the whole day.

Both Kimberley Town Council and borough councillors who represent the town fought hard to get the charges in Victoria Street removed altogether, arguing that residents living near the car park and the town’s shopkeepers had nowhere to park. They said they have been clogging up the town’s narrow streets since the charges were implemented last year.

Cllr Richard Robinson who represents Kimberley said the £1 charge was ‘not the outcome he was looking for’.