New event will be ‘teenz-only’ affair

Jolly Jingles and Mr.Punch with supporters at the Fun Day. Photo: Peter Jordan.
Jolly Jingles and Mr.Punch with supporters at the Fun Day. Photo: Peter Jordan.

A fun day for teenagers is being held in Nuthall after a community leader made it her mission to find more for young people to do in the area.

Nuthall Parish Councillor Linda Carter said when she joined the council she found there was nothing in the area for teenagers.

She was determined to put this right and speak to the youngsters in the town to see how they felt.

“They felt nobody bothered with them,” Coun Carter said. “I got the impression they felt there was nothing for them. That was their attitude.

“We tend to concentrate on the younger children and the teens tend to be left out.”

So the councillor decided to organise the “Teenz-only”event and went around town giving leaflets out to promote the event.

It will take place this Sunday, September 4 at the Basil Recreation Ground.

Hosted between 1pm and 5pm there will be sumo suit wrestling, soft acrchery, table tennis, pool, crazy golf and body zorbing.

There will be a 125ft long inflatable obstacle course, an army-style assault course, penalty shootout and a “surf board challenge”.

Coun Carter used to be a midday supervisor at The Kimberley Shcool, and so found it easy to talk to teenagers.

“I always talked to kids and always got on with them.

“I find if you treat them right, they treat you right.

“That age group tends to get a lot of bad press. But I think they’re bored. There’s nothing for them to get involved in.

“When I became a councillor I saw the trouble they were getting into and I thought I could try and get something organised for them.

“They all seemed so keen when I suggested it. They wished me luck in organising it.”

Nuthall Parish Council has hosted a family fun day every year for the last seven years.

It is open to all ages, but is geared up more towards younger children, and the older kids were feeling more and more unwelcome.

The event features activities such as bouncy castles, sand pits, paddling pools and circus skills.

Parish council clerk Sue Stack said: “They were coming along and they were being pushed out because they were being told they were too rough for the little ones on the bouncy castles and so on.

“They felt like they were getting in the way.

“We had a couple of complaints at the last fun day because some of teens were getting fed up of being kicked off the activities.

“It became apparent we needed something and Linda has been instrumental in getting it all off the ground.

“She’s been amazing.”

Ms Stack said the new event was a “big step” and councillors had gone to a lot of effort to organise it.

“We’ve had eight councillors and six members of dstaff do special safe guarding training becasue the youngsters will be coming unattended and we’ll be dealing with under 18s.”

Ms Stack said if the event is a success it will become a regular feature in the calendar for Nuthall.