New guide promotoes county’s jewels

A new guide which promotes some of the top heritage jewels and local history sources across Nottinghamshire has added significance today on Independence Day in America.

The guide has been produced by the Nottinghamshire Heritage Forum whose members include Nottinghamshire County Council, and lists a range of top attractions and information sources in the county for everyone interested in our past.

One of the destinations listed in the guide is Retford Library which has a collection of books relating to the Pilgrim Fathers, some of whom originated from that part of Nottinghamshire and who later sailed abroad the Mayflower and found the new world colony of Plymouth in America.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s Archives Service, in Nottingham, which itself features in the heritage guide, also has printed source material of some of the pilgrims.

The Pilgrims and other People from the British Isles in Leiden 1576-1640 published in 1989, details brief biographical history of some of the pilgrims from Nottinghamshire.

The book references one pilgrim, who joined the Separatist church at Scrooby which met in William Brewster’s home in Scrooby Manor. In 1607, some of the group were arrested as they attempted to flee to Holland, and later made their way The guide: Places to Enjoy - Nottinghamshire Museums and Heritage Attractions is available at Nottinghamshire Archives Service and other areas around the county.