New members for town council

Kimberley Parish Hall
Kimberley Parish Hall
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Kimberley Town Council has five new members to replace those who left in protest over the way the council was being run earlier this year.

The new councillors are Kirsty John, Tony Hallard, Karen Tennant, Andy Cooper and Katharina Boettge.

They replace five councillors who left earlier this year saying they disagreed with the way money was being spent, and the fact the council was selling Broomhill Lodge.

Kirsty has lived and worked in Kimberley for many years and is a parent and school governor with experience of financial management. Tony first served as a Kimberley councillor 25 years ago.

He is an expert on social housing, planning and construction.

Karen is a parent who served as a school governor for 11 years. She is a magistrate who is also active in local community groups, including the Women’s Institute and the Guides.

A Kimberley resident for thirty years, Andy enjoyed a successful career in the oil industry. He is also a Broxtowe Borough councillor with particular interests in securing a tram extension to Kimberley.

Katharina is a local mother, psychotherapist and Green Party activist.