New memorial in time for centenary

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Nuthall Parish Council is preparing to create a little piece of history for the village by having its first ever outdoor war memorial at the Basil Russell Playing Field in Maple Drive.

At present the only memorial is situated inside St Patrick’s Church.

For years the council has pursued requests for a memorial made by local people and organisations, but has failed to earn approval for the project.

Now Broxtowe Borough Council is set to give Nuthall Parish Council the green light to proceed with the war memorial proposals, which will cost in excess of £4,000.

Former council chairman Brian Watson, a prime mover behind the bid to secure the war memorial for Nuthall, has spent the past two years paving the way for the permanent tribute to our local war heroes.

“I have approached many groups and organisations for advice and support and at last the efforts put in are about to come to fruition,” said Cllr Watson.

“We were turned down by the Heritage Lottery Fund and other sources, yet money is being poured into other initiatives which aren’t half as worthy and meaningful as ours.

“At last however Broxtowe Borough Council has given Nuthall’s war memorial project its full backing and I am confident we will get the approval to proceed with the work very shortly” he added.

Two pillars from the nearby Nuthall Rectory have been generously donated and will form part of the memorial.

Nuthall’s new memorial will be near the Millennium Gardens. The borough council is funding half the cost of the project.