New panel is non-political


Further to the letter from Cllr Charles Robb in the Good Friday edition of the Advertiser.

He complains Liberal Democrat councillors are not willing to work with his own party for the benefit of the Eastwood electorate and states a particular instance being the formation of the new Community First Panel.

He claims members were chosen because they are Liberal Democrats and lists my name. At our inaugural meeting of Community First the previous Friday it was suggested additional names might be added to the panel later. I welcomed this, and was delighted to be informed that Cllr Ian Stevens (Labour) would be joining us.

Cllr Keith Longdon categorically insisted, when I signed up to the panel, that it would be non-political.

This pleased me, because sitting on the public seats at one or two town council meetings I have been outraged at the contempt shown by certain members of the ruling party towards fellow councillors on the opposing side and to the public they were elected to serve.

I had made it quite clear to Keith Longdon that, having witnessed first-hand this arrogant and high-handed, petty back-biting, I wanted nothing more to do with local politics. I have better things to do with my life!

Because I stood once, as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats, Cllr. Robb wrongly assumes I am still a Liberal Democrat. He is wrong and, if man enough, should apologise.

I understand he was a Lib Dem councillor, before he changed his coat and moved over to Labour, does that mean he still is? He is good at telling other folk they should get their facts right, should that not also apply to him?

David Page

(non-aligned voter)