New police inspector to ‘make a difference’ in Eastwood and Kimberley

Inspector Steven Wragg, Broxtowe Borough District Commander at Nottinghamshire Police
Inspector Steven Wragg, Broxtowe Borough District Commander at Nottinghamshire Police

The new police inspector for Eastwood and Kimberley says he is excited to be part of the community – and confident he can help make “great change” in the area.

Inspector Steven Wragg took over as the Broxtowe borough district commander in February , stepping up from his former role as the Broxtowe south inspector to also cover Broxtowe north.

Insp Wragg says he is enjoying his new job, even though the north of the borough is very different to the south.

He says: “I really like this role.

“It’s an exciting opportunity, because even though there were reductions in crime around Eastwood last year, the work here is not done.

“And that’s my challenge really, because what is right for one area is not necessarily right for another area.

“It is about tackling the root cause of these crimes – that’s the key for me.

“But I’m confident we can make a great change to Eastwood and how ‘quality of life’ issues affect people.”

The 37-year-old, who lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two children, is in charge of two sergeants, 10 constables and 15 community support officers based in the Eastwood and Beeston stations.

He has worked for the force since he left university more than 15 years ago, and has worked in various departments across Nottinghamshire – including being a detective sergeant in South Nottinghamshire CID.

He says: “I absolutely love my job. You hear that no day is ever the same in the police force, and that can be very true – you don’t know what’s going to face you when you walk through the door.

“I have diversified within the organisation, which means I’ve got a rounded experience in how we work and what problem-solving approaches we can take to different issues in the area.

“My favourite part of this job is making a difference to people in the community and serving people’s needs.

“If I can make a change to a persons life, that brings a smile to my face.

“I think if that person has got a better quality of life, is not going to be a crime victim and is not going to have sleepless nights, then I have achieved my goal.

“If I can do that a hundred times, then we’re winning the battle against the minority.

“It’s always worth remembering that the vast majority of people support us in our work and are not criminals.

“They work hard in their community to make things work.

“It’s only the small minority of people that actually commit the greatest amount of crime.”

Inspector Wragg says every crime is important to the force and they will always try to reduce the numbers of all crimes.

But some notable “volume issues” in the area are violence, shop theft and misuse of drugs.

The inspector and his team will be focusing on these issues.

He says: “You’ve got to tackle the root causes of the problems as to why people steal from shops or are involved in drug-related violence.

“Part of my objectives for the next 12 months is tackling the causes of criminality.”

He is planning to develop intelligence, work with other authorities, and carry out a number of different warrants when necessary.

He says: “We need to not only tackle these issues when we see them, but making sure we have a long-term affect.

“We need to be sure we are identifying the problems.”

And the district commander also wanted to reassure the people of Eastwood that, although the police are reducing their number of bases, they will be staying in Eastwood.

He says: “We’re still here and we’re still visible for you to talk to us.

“I would ask people to please approach your local neighbourhood policing team.

“Don’t be afraid to come and speak to us.”

For more information about policing in the area, visit www.nottinghamshire.police.uk