New pub divides town folk

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A £1m Wetherspoons pub due to open up in Eastwood has been met with mixed feelings.

Many people say the town does not need another pub or eatery, but others say it’s great value for money and ‘anything to boost the town’s trade’.

Helen Sharp, of Walker Street, said Eastwood needed a Wetherspoons ‘like it needed a hole in the head’.

The 69-year-old said: “All the pubs are closing anyway, and we have got more eateries than we can cope with.

“It seems silly. And where are they going to park? There must only be room for a couple of cars on that site,” she added.

However 25-year-old Abigail Moore who has a one-year-old daughter said it was a great place for families.

“It’s fantastic news. The food and drink are reasonable prices and during the day it’s a great family place,” she said.

“We go to the one in Nottingham quite often. My little girl is given a high chair and crayons and she loves it.

“It’s something Eastwood needs. I think it’s a brilliant idea.”

Lisa Rainey said she was ‘all in favour’ for the new pub – due to be built on the G&M Motors site in Nottingham Road.

“Anything that’s not a charity shop would be beneficial,” she said.

But Eastwood Mayor Brian Griffin said he had ‘mixed feelings’ because he was worried it would take trade away from the cafes.

“I can see we should encourage businesses to come into Eastwood, but they serve food and there are some really nice cafes in Eastwood struggling to keep their heads above water,” he said.

A spokesperson for Wetherspoons, Eddie Gershon, said the company had exchanged contracts with G&M Motors, but had not yet completed the sale.

“We are as keen as ever to open in Eastwood. It’s a very good site and the fact we have exchanged shows how serious we are.

“If it goes ahead it will be great for us and great for the town as well. It’s an added investment for Eastwood.”

A spokesperson at Broxtowe Borough Council said a planning application had been submitted and the decision would be made by the chairman of development control and the head of the planning department.

She said the application was briefly on hold while some issues were dealt with.

“Some issues have been raised about the planning application that have been deemed unsatisfactory. They look like they can be resolved though, and are not deal breakers,” she said.