New school term plan proposed

Nottinghamshire County Council will recommend a three term year with a fixed two week break at the end of the spring term be adopted for schools as of next year.

The proposals will be discussed at the Children and Young People’s Committee on Monday, June 18.

Almost 4000 responses were received following a twelve week public consultation about school term and holiday dates from 2013 – 2016.

The three term year with a fixed two week break at the end of the spring term was significantly more popular than the current standard school year of three terms.

An initial consultation was carried out with professional stakeholders and parents to establish the principles upon which to base a decision.

The first and most important one was that the arrangements should meet the needs of learners, raise attainment and improve attendance.

Research showed that there was insufficient evidence that moving to a five term year, or any other radical option, would benefit Nottinghamshire schoolchildren.

The initial consultation phase also established that 6 of the 7 authorities which border Nottinghamshire had no plans to make significant changes to their holiday patterns.

Cllr Philip Owen, Chairman of the Children and Young People’s Committee, said: “We have taken considerable care over this important matter and listened to the views of schools and parents.

“The fixing of the break at the end of the Spring Term overcomes the problem of uneven length of terms, which has caused difficulty in the past.

“The proposed arrangements are the ones we believe are best suited to continue to raise standards in Nottinghamshire schools.”