New walking routes to help people learn about history and keep fit

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So, with Christmas 2014 well and truly over and 2015 steaming full speed ahead, what about those New Year resolutions?

Was it to be running, biking, swimming or perhaps signing on at the gym - if its not too expensive?

Or what about doing something special this year for your local charity?

Of course, if it’s to be losing weight that you’re after, its easier, when you are young, to shed all those plum puddings and mince pies, which have stuck in your middle, and expanded your waistline, but not so easy when you’ve past the 40 plus milestone.

Look young, fit, and smart! That’s all we ever hear these days.

But how to do it is not always so simple, especially with so many demands on the family budget. Nothing is free!

Well… strictly speaking, that is not true. Fresh air, the air we breathe is not being taxed just yet, and neither is walking - yes, that strange activity we all used to indulge in, before it became the norm to drive or be driven everywhere. The big thing about New Year resolutions is not, to my mind, keeping them. I suspect many are too ambitious and fall by the wayside before the onset of spring.

No, I think a New Year resolution is a self-imposed lifestyle check that gives you a second chance and obliges you to reconsider whether you are on course to live longer, better, healthier, happier, slimmer, or just to change your outlook, and the way you are perceived by others, before its too late.

Group activities are a fine way to get out and about, meet people and make new friends.

Combine this with an interest in your own locality, a bit of social history and the simple, freely available walking trails around your local area.

A lot of good work has been done in recent years to create great walks in our vicinity. Erewash Valley Trail, Colliers Wood, Brinsley Headstocks to name just a few.

Walking for health is what Eastwood Chapter and Verse group is all about and we have some superb walks lined up for this year, combining easy walking with a bit of local/social history to whet your appetite. Surely the best way to learn about history is to walk it, as a friend of ours remarked.

If you think this might suit you, why not come along to Eastwood Chapter and Verse community group’s February meeting?

The Chapter and Verse group’s annual general meeting will take place on Thursday February 5 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church Hall, 280 Nottingham Rd. Hill Top, Eastwood. Starting at 7pm, it will be an open meeting and all are welcome.

For more information, contact group secretary David Page on 01773 770169 or email