New weapon in fight against testicular cancer

Community event.
Community event.

On September 9, a new social media campaign, #Nutnominate, is set to launch — and locals are urged to get involved.

The aim is to raise awareness of testicular cancer in young men and the campaign has been set up by Round Table Great Britain & Ireland, following the diagnosis of several members of the organisation.

Initially thought up by Julian Webb and members of his local table three years ago, the simple and effective campaign asks men across the country to ‘OK’ their testicles.

The campaign has now spread nationwide and has the support of more than 400 Round Table clubs across Great Britain and Ireland.

Julian said: “Following my successful treatment for stage one testicular cancer I felt extremely lucky and just wanted to get back to my normal life, spending time with my family.

“More recently I attended the vigil of Stephen Sutton MBE at Lichfield Cathedral and felt very moved and humbled to see what an amazing affect one individual can have on a nation of people.

“It was then that I decided the time was right to do something to raise awareness of my particular illness and help other young men catch it early for a better chance of a full recovery.”

Testicular cancer affects around 2,300 men aged 18-to-45 every year in the UK alone, the same age group that Round Table target for its membership. The organisation has therefore spread the message to all of itsmembers, pushing the message far and wide.

Already developing rapidly on Twitter, the Facebook page goes live on the morning of 9th September so make a note in your diary and remember to #nutnominate.

To get involved with #Nutnominate, visit and complete the following steps :

1. Check your testicles - the important bit!

2. If they are okay, take a selfie showing the “OK” sign to say all is well with your testicles. This can be at your desk, in the most bizarre fancy dress costume you can think of or even dangling under a waterfall; it’s up to you (preferably, without your testicles on show!)

3. Post your selfie on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #nutnominate and tag five male friends, asking them to check themselves and do the same.