No more traffic in Kimberley please

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We have lived in Kimberley since 1983, moving into the Wimpey development near to the park. I guess at the time people were up in arms against this and the Stocks Road development (where we now live). These were, however, reasonable size developments and did not impact greatly on any Greenbelt land.

We have a prime example in the brewery site of a potential brownfield development (when they can make their minds up what they are going to do with it) where a large number of houses could be built without the necessity to dig up any of our fields. But we must remember it is easier to build on Greenbelt than knock down existing buildings & rebuild. However following the floods recently, Hardy Street ended up looking like a bomb site, so how it would cope with additional traffic is beyond me.

To cut to the chase, Kimberley’s infrastructure cannot handle any more traffic without a huge investment (650 houses could equal 1,000 cars).

I look in despair as I travel to work in a morning and see them knocking down the four blocks of flats at the back of the Savoy cinema, I wonder where Nottingham City Council will move that lot.

Cut to the chase, none of us want houses built on our Greenbelt and Kimberley and other councils should take note of this.

I just hope there are no politics involved in any decisions.

Remember, it is us that voted you in and it can be us that vote you out.

It would also be nice to be consulted as local residents before any knee-jerk decisions are made, though according to certain parties this consultation has already occurred.

I would also like to thank Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry for her efforts, without whom I can’t help thinking this would be a forgone conclusion.

Kevin Atkin