No motive to my opinion


I feel compelled to respond, through your publication, to the letter from Cllr Rowley that appears in this week’s edition of the Eastwood and Kimberley Advertiser (March 16, 2012).

I find it hard to believe that Cllr Don Rowley considers the points I made in my previous letter to be ‘ill-informed’ since the information was based on his own quotes as printed within the article entitled ‘Council’s £18,000 boost to fight crime’ which was published in your paper dated February 24, 2012.

What, I wonder, does Cllr Rowley fantasise to be my ‘ulterior motive’. It certainly isn’t obvious to me, simply because there isn’t one. Nor is it political or personal.

It now appears that Cllr Rowley has changed his mind and does not feel that Eastwood is a ‘horrible place’ after all, even though he felt the need to move away.

I applaud any good work that Cllr Rowley has achieved for the local community in the past, and I am pleased that he seems to actually agree with me that the vast majority of young people in Eastwood are decent and honest. It is a pity he didn’t say so before.

Maybe the council elected in 2007 would have kept its quality accreditation and its ‘excellent council building’ if he had accepted his seat and had therefore been able to add the weight of his experience and influence to the debate. The present council would not then need to be ‘grubbing around for premises to meet in’.

Finally, I would like to ask Cllr Don Rowley to refrain from insulting my intelligence. I am perfectly capable of forming my own opinion and of expressing that opinion, without the need of a ‘script writer’.

Mrs Vicki Jones

Plumptre Way