No provision for tram to leave the site

Concern has been raised about the lack of provision for a tram link at the brewery site in Kimberley.

John Lee said it was a ‘major flaw’ that no allowance had been made for a tram at the site in the future and developers had a ‘blinkered vision’.

Mr Lee described the recently revealed plan for the brewery site as ‘promising’ but said it would be unwise to block off the best potential route through Kimberley’ for a tram.

“It looks to me to be a relatively easy matter to sort out at this stage,” he said.

“The developers should regard this as an opportunity not to be missed. Most people living in suburban conurbations regard efficient transport links as vital – the area mustn’t miss out as a result of blinkered vision at this stage.”

Possible plans for a tram through Eastwood, Kimberley and Nuthall have been widely talked about over the last few years.

A campaign group was set up called Kimberley, Eastwood and Nuthall Tram Action Group (KENTAG) to look at the possiblility of, and campaign for, the tram system coming to the area.

A widely suggested route goes from Phoenix Park following the old Midland Railway line via the brewery and on to Eastwood.

And Rafiq Vindhani, who owns the site, said the railway cutting and the oldMidland Station were not being developed as part the scheme and there was ample space for a posible tram system.

“It may not be specifically for the tram, but there is facility there.”