Noise moans beyond belief


Nostalgia they say can be clouded with memories, both bitter and sweet and cloaked in mystery.

Or, as with most people, just tales of thoroughly enjoyable freedom and youthful exuberance.

That youthful enjoyment of the freedom and simple pleasure of playing outside on the rec, always being memorable.

Memories of course can fade, and that joyful freedom which was enjoyed a generation ago is often viewed in a different light in these modern days.

Consider then, the situation locally where complaints are being made about perceived ‘nuisance’ created by youngsters using an outdoor games area – recently provided for their enjoyment at Beauvale Recreation Ground.

Similarly spurious complaints were made regarding a small generator at the visiting breast screening unit.

At that time, the removal of this screening unit caused uproar and much inconvenience among those who were grateful for such a local amenity.

But the latest complaint really does beg some credibility.

It seems there is some annoyance regarding school children playing outside at playtime, and a request for noise monitoring be carried out.

Were these complainers never children themselves? Enjoying playing outside, organised or other?

As they say, nostalgia is easily clouded.

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