Nominate top shop assistants

Super server Garming Chung, Brinsley chemmist
Super server Garming Chung, Brinsley chemmist

THE latest nominations in the Advertiser’s Super Server competition include the owner of Brinsley Pharmacy, Garming Chung and the cleaner at Langley Mill’s Asda store, Nigel Yexley.

Mr Chung said he was ‘humbled’ to be nominated as one of our favourite shop assistants.

“I’m quite humbled that someone has nominated me,” he said. “I was quite shocked when I heard.”

Part-time cleaner Mr Yexley said he was surprised he was nominated and guessed it was because he always chats to the customers.

“I do chat a lot to people on the floor,” he said. “Lots of people know me because I used to work at a pub in Kimberley.”

The closing date for nominations is April 28 but start getting those nomination forms into our office here on Nottingham Road, Eastwood, as soon as possible.

There is a fantastic top prize of a £50 shopping voucher from Asda, in Langley Mill, for our winner.

And shoppers who nominate a Super Server will also stand a chance of winning a top treat just for sending in their nominations as they will be entered into a prize draw to win a bottle of bubbly.

To nominate your Super Server, all you have to do is fill out the coupon, right, with the name of the person you are nominating and the place where they work.

You also have to tell us why you are nominating them and include your own details to have a chance of winning the champagne.

The competition is open to anyone working in one of our shops, be it the greengrocers, butchers or superstore.

Just drop the coupon into our offices at 23 Nottingham Road, Eastwood.

The full line-up of our favourite shop assistants will appear after the closing date and the nominees will then be put to a public vote.

Family members of any employees of Asda and Wilfred Edmunds Ltd are not eligible to enter.