Nottinghamshire Police give advice to cyclists for winter period


Nottinghamshire Police has released tips for staying safe while cycling over the winter period.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: "Evenings are getting darker as we get closer to the winter months and the clocks went back overnight, therefore we want to remind you how you can stay safe on the roads."

Safety advice for cycling in winter:

Invest in some good quality winter clothing, as getting cold and wet doesn’t make for a good riding experience, plus it could also affect your riding ability. Ensuring you have the right clothing for winter cycling will help you keep warm and dry.

Hi-viz clothing is very effective at making you visible at night.

Add reflective items to body parts that move, i.e. shoes with reflective strips, reflective wrist bands and gloves.

Wear a rear light on your back pack or your helmet for extra visibility. The additional height of the light will be at eye level for most motorists.

Make sure your bike has working illuminated front and rear lights between sunset and sunrise and during periods of reduced visibility.

For more information to keep safe this winter please visit our website: