Nottinghamshire Police warn of cheap insurance scam

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Nottinghamshire Police is warning people to wary of 'unknown companies' selling cheap insurance as they could be fraudulent.

Fraudsters often advertise online via small ads and lure people in by offering very cheap deals.

They'll either forge insurance documents, falsify the driver’s details to bring the price down or take out a genuine policy, before cancelling it soon after and claiming the refund plus the victim’s money.

Victims won't know they're uninsured unless they're stopped by the police or try to make a claim.

However, as it is a legal obligation to have valid car insurance, they will suffer the consequences which could include: points on their license, vehicle seized and possibly destroyed, a fixed penalty notice and costs and claims.

Here's the Action Fraud advice on how to steer clear of the fraud:

- Do not pay money to individuals you do not definitely know are legally providing insurance policies.

- Do not pay money into a personal bank account for an insurance premium.

- Ensure you understand what insurance cover is required and what you are purchasing.

- For peace of mind with your insurance, be safe, be sure. Check the FSA website or the ABI website.

If you or someone you know has paid money to an illegal insurance broker, report it to Action Fraud so that the incident can be passed on to the police.