Notts county shown ‘radical’ re-mapping for council

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“Radical” boundary changes for Nottinghamshire County Council could see the electorial map re-drawn in Broxtowe, with the disappearance of Beauvale ward altogether.

The changes discussed at the council’s policy meeting on Wednesday, February 11 suggested dissolving the northernmost part in Broxtowe district between three newly created divisions.

The shifts in constituency size would also see the Broxtowe district losing one councillor to Rushcliffe.

The Local Government Boundaries Commission makes changes every few years.

It considers electoral equality, interests and identities of local communities and clearly identifiable divisions that reflect transport and communication links.

Councillor for Kimberley, Ken Rigby, Liberal Democrat, said he opposed the changes.

He added: “If I was being cynical I might say there was political mischief behind this.

“The changes proposed affect councillors dramatically, and there will be stiff opposition.

“I’ve been hit the hardest. They’ve changed the wards in Broxtowe so that my beloved Kimberley, Cossall and Trowell division will be split up and Kimberley will be amalgamated with Giltbrook.

Liz Plant, Labour for West Bridgford said: “It has to be done to equalise the variant in the numbers. It remain to be seen if this changes the political landscape.”

Haste in redrawing the map may be demonstrated in a lack of consideration for voters, as Conservative John Handley for Beauvale, whose ward was disappearing altogether, said he has real concerns for the people he represents.

He added: “Brinsley in particular would like to protect their rural status and they have very different needs to Eastwood. They haven’t taken into consideration the situation locally.”

Conservative Philip Owen, for Nuthall said: “As the population of Nottinghamshire rises we need three or four extra councillors. The Boundary commissioners in their wisdom have decided to stick to the current 67 which means imbalance in Ruchliffe will be corrected at Broxtowe’s expense.”

A spokesman for the council said: “The Policy Committee has today agreed a submission from the County Council which will be considered by the LGBC alongside other responses. The LGBC will then draw up formal, draft recommendations, which will be put out to public consultation between May and July this year.