Notts family’s heartbroken appeal for missing pug “Lexi”

Lexi the pug, with Kloe Dickens, 11
Lexi the pug, with Kloe Dickens, 11

A heartbroken Bestwood Village family have launched an appeal for the safe return of their beloved pet pug, who went missing a fortnight ago.

Eleven-month-old Lexi, who Darren and Leanne Dickens bought as a Christmas present for their four children, vanished without a trace from their Hill Road home, on September 1, at 10.15am.

Friends and neighbours have helped in the search and a £500 reward for information leading to Lexi’s safe return has been offered.

Beckie Hill, Darren’s sister-in-law, says the family, including Kloe, 11, Mason, 13, Kian, 14, and Mitchell, 17, are distraught. She said: “It is heartbreaking. A lot of people say she is only a dog - but to this family, she is like a baby.

“Someone has her. They should know she is being looked for. We need to make her too hot to handle.

“We are hoping someone will see the lengths the family have gone to and they will give her back.”

Lexi is due to go into season, and the family fear she will be used for breeding, even though she is too young, and could suffer health problems as a result.

Beckie says that whoever took the £1,000 “designer” dog, who is also microchipped, saw “pound signs.”

“We believe is being held somewhere as there have been no sightings whatsoever,” she said.

“Her family are missing her terribly. They are beside themselves - but they keep hitting brick walls.”

As well as appeals on social media, a big banner advertising Lexi’s disappearance has been put up at the bottom of Park Road, and leaflets for the back of car windows and shops have been distributed.

“They would like the thank the community for their help,” added Beckie.

Harvey’s Army, a registered charity whose volunteers work to reunite missing pets and help injured animals, even provided a scent dog to track the missing pooch, but Lexi’s trail ran cold on Moor Road.

Anyone with information is asked to call 07581 263058 or contact Harvey’s Army confidentially on 07833 727975.