Nuthall day centre marks 40th anniversary

Spinney Day Centre anniversary
Spinney Day Centre anniversary

The Spinney Day Centre in in Nuthall has marked its 40th anniversary by holding a ‘thankyou party’ for those involved in its success.

Among those sharing in the occasion were elderly and vulnerable people whose needs have been met by the group’s dedicated team of volunteers.

Making a welcome return for the landmark event were Barbara Rankin, who lives in Scotland and Joyce Pepperdine, who travelled from Scunthorpe to take part.

Barbara, along with Clare Prest and Kathleen Doyle, were founder members of the group when it first started out in 1974.

Down the years the likes of Kathie Elson, Gladys Topps, Lily Bradshaw, June Jones, Amy Bryson, Joyce Chaplin, Pat Dodd, Vera Sheard, Jean Aram and Jean Brewin (among others) have made invaluable contributions.

Volunteer drivers have played a vital role and currently John Doyle, Marjorie Silverton and Arnold Elson take on the role.

The centre’s current leadership team of Sheila Longdon, Janice Lee, Evelyn King, Shirley French and Kathleen Doyle, are keeping up the good work.

Among the guests at the anniversary party were local councillors and representatives of the police and clergy.

Nottinghamshire county councillor, Philip Owen, who is also chairman of Nuthall Parish Council, praised the army of volunteers.

He said: “Their enthusiasm, energy and hard work has ensured that frail, sick ,disabled and housebound people have been given an opportunity to enrich their lives in the company of others.”

Stalwart volunteer Pat Dodd thanksed Cllr Owen for his financial support and praised Broxtowe Borough Council for providing the use of The Spinney without cost.

Grace Lean,98, one of The Spinney’s oldest users was invited to cut the celebratory cake and canine champion Millie the Wonder Dog performed.

Broxtowe’s Mayor, Cllr Stan Heptinstall, provided the icing on the cake by handing over a cheque for £325 towards the group’s running costs.

More than 80 people attended the Spinney celebration (picture by Peter Jordan) which group chairman Kathleen Doyle described as “ a heartwarming occasion.”