Nuthall reponds to planned G4S Kids home before public meeting

G4S Children's Services is planning a children's home on Roland Avenue, Nuthall
G4S Children's Services is planning a children's home on Roland Avenue, Nuthall

Nuthall residents have been torn by a proposed plan for a new private sector children’s home in their neighbourhood.

A public consultation to discuss the plan is being held by Nuthall Parish Council this evening at 7pm, Methodist Church, but comments are already flooding in online both for and agaisnt the plan.

Some are touting antisocial behaviour and irresponsible management as reasons to oppose the planning application for a property on Roland Avenue made by G4S – the world’s biggest security company.

But others stress it is wrong to demonise troubled children who are already vulnerable and welcome the home.

Lisa from Nuthall said: “This is a terrible idea for this type of estate where the majority of homeowners are either retired or have small children. Speaking to people who had the same type of home in their area this had an increase of crime and antisocial behaviour. G4S are renowned and not dealing with these houses correctly.”

Linda from Highfield said: “These are (generally) teenagers with behavioural problems that can no longer be supported in their own home environment. There is little for them to do in this area of an evening, so I would be concerned that they would be bored and potentially cause problems in the area.”

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Pat from Broxtowe said she supported the idea of a children’s home in the area. She added: “These kids need all the support they can get. Five kids will not change an estate, why don’t you ask if there are any volunteering roles there?

“I had one of these houses across the road from me and the kids that went there didn’t have any bad affect on the area.”

Jeff from Nuthall, said: “I’d like people to consider how we, as a society, should respond to the needs of young people like this. They have to go somewhere and someone has to support and care for them. Perhaps a conversation with G4S and the borough council about the details of the proposal, rather than this dismissive knee jerk reaction, would be more constructive?

Don from Kimberley said: “This will be a SEBD home (Social, Emotional, Behavioural Difficulties).

“G4S are notorious for taking referrals of any child. They have one in town that operates on the same basis and has five children in that create havoc. I am not saying it’s the children’s fault because obviously it isn’t, but company’s such as G4S will place children in there that will impact on the local community. That is a fact.

He added: “We are not demonising children, it’s about providers like G4S who stack them high.”

Councillor Paul Simpson said the location had been moved because numbers may be high.

He added: “We do not think that the Temple Centre will hold the numbers of residents expected. G4S and County Council children’s services are expected to attend.”