Nuthall woman’s evidence about shooting rampage

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A NUTHALL woman has given evidence at the inquest into the shooting spree of Derrick Bird in Cumbria last year.

Vivienne Tregidga was travelling from Gosforth to visit her parents in Seascale on June 2 last year and explained how she tried to help the youngest of Bird’s 12 victims.

She told the inquest she found 23-year-old estate agent Jamie Clark in his overturned Smart Car just after 11.20am.

Thinking there had been a car accident, Ms Tregidga leapt into action but 45 minutes after calling 999, an ambulance had still not arrived.

Cumbria’s Times & Star reported that Ms Tregidga told the inquest: “I started to speak to him because they say that even if a person is unconscious they can still hear you. But there was no response.”

Mr Clark never regained consciousness.

“If we’d have known it would take 45 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, we would have got Jamie out ourselves as a lot of people had stopped to help,” she said.

Ms Tregidga said she did not realise Mr Clark had suffered gunshot wounds until they heard about it later on the news.

During the killing spree which left 12 dead, Bird, 52, went on the rampage with a sawn-off shotgun and a rifle.

In the worst mass shooting since the Dunblane school massacre, the taxi driver also injured 11 others.

He was later found dead in a wooded area having apparently taken his own life.