Sex toys and prosthetic limbs among most common items left behind at B&Bs

Sex toys, false teeth and even pets are among the most common items left behind at B&Bs by East Midlands travellers, a new survey has found.

Research carried out by online booking system eviivo, found that one in five people from the East Midlands (22 per cent) had left something behind after a stay at a UK B&B.

And when it comes to the items left behind, nothing is safe, according to the poll.

The top ten items left behind at B&Bs are:

1 - Chargers

2 - Underwear

3 - Kid's favourite toy/comforter

4 - Computer/laptop

5 - Expensive jewellery

6 - iPad/tablets

7 - Sex toys (handcuffs, chains, whips, vibrators etc)

8 - Dentures/false teeth

9 - A pet

10 - prosthetic limb.

B&B owner Ann Ceresa said: “We weren’t surprised to see false teeth on the list – they have been fairly common leftover items at Britten House, people tuck them underneath the pillow and they forget to pick them up!

"We also had one gentleman with a prosthetic leg, who left a spare in the wardrobe, and another who forgot his actual wife!"

Whilst a quarter of Londoners and Scots admitted to leaving items behind, holidaymakers from Northern Ireland are the most forgetful with just under a third (32 per cent) forgetting something, and underwear being the most likely item (71 per cent).

Ed Goldswain, Marketing Director of eviivo said: “We always hear funny stories from B&B owners on items left behind. From phone chargers to sex toys, and even prosthetic limbs it seems that no item is safe.

"It’s important to ensure that you’ve double checked everything before you check out, or you may find that you’re back on your B&B’s door step in no time, or having to ask for some intimate items to be posted back to you!”