Online fraudster ‘sold’ FA Cup tickets to beat gambling debts

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A young man from Mansfield sold FA Cup final tickets and games consoles he didn’t possess to online customers in a bid to pay off debts from a gambling addiction.

Stephen Dobb, 20, of Shirland Drive, admitted fraudulently selling two Playstation 4 consoles and two sets of football tickets worth a total of £785 from his home address between May 27 in 2014 and May 28 in 2015.

Lee Shepherd, prosecuting, said: “Mr Dobb has been offering for sale various items that weren’t there to be sold.

“He told police there may be more victims who haven’t come forward yet.”

James Whyley, mitigating, said: “He’s never been in trouble in his life then suddenly this started in 2014.

“He was quite severely engaged in gambling. It’s been an addiction for him. He lost vast amounts of money in the betting shop. He has since settled down.

“Police didn’t have to make search engine or internet enquiries. He gave it to them on a plate.

“It’s very rare that you get such a clear and incisive admission.”

Magistrates sentenced him to a 12 month community order and ordered him to carry out 70 hours of unpaid work. He must pay £733 compensation having refunded one of his victims.