Online survey still available

AN ONLINE survey is still available for Nottinghamshire residents to have their say on the future of police premises and front counter services.

The survey, available on both the Police Authority and Police Force websites from, comes after the Authority considered a detailed review of the Police Estate as part of on-going work to identify savings in the region of £43m over the next four years.

The estate proposals form part of a wider drive to streamline services and become more efficient.

A detailed examination has found that new technology, changes in the way people communicate with the police and successful neighbourhood policing policies has led to a steep decline in the number of people visiting police stations and front counters.

The proposed changes will also raise around £880,000 from the sale of buildings and save almost £720,000 a year in rent and running costs — the equivalent of around 50 police staff jobs.

Local residents are invited to give their views on the proposals which, if approved, will see front counter services retained at 18 key stations, rather than the current 42, and 12 stations that are hardly used by the public closed. Officers from six of these will move into alternative community premises nearby, while the remainder will see officers relocated back to the nearest available station.

The plans have been developed so that everyone in Nottinghamshire will be within a 20-minute journey (or eight mile radius) of a front counter and a neighbourhood policing team.

Jon Collins, Chair of the Police Authority, said: “We want to give anyone who has an opinion on these plans the chance to have their say before we come to make our decisions.

“Clearly, there are some premises where that decision will be easier than others, which is why it is important that we know what local people think.

“The survey is widely available both electronically and in hard copy. As we’ve said, this is a genuine consultation, we want to know how people feel the changes will impact on them; we will consider constructive suggestions for alternative solutions; and we will listen to what people say to see how we can work together to improve local police service delivery.”