Opportunity for old school site


Well done to David Bagshaw in taking on Nottinghamshire County Council over the Walker Street School site.

Earlier this year I personally asked NCC to clear up the litter on the site.

After several weeks of fobbing me off, they reluctantly agreed and cleaned up the litter, but only after I threatened to apply for a litter abatement order. Don’t expect this to be an easy ride!

I’m as keen as anyone to see something happen with the site, but don’t think we should rush into anything just to sort it out quickly and maximise the profit for NCC.

I’d rather accept that we may not be able to achieve everything straight away so long as we have a well co-ordinated plan and a vision for the future.

This is a tremendous opportunity to shape this part of Eastwood for years to come.

The site covers a large area of land when you include the old playing fields, giving scope for a variety of uses.

Whilst accepting that it is inevitable for some of it to be used for housing and maybe retail, we should resist high-density housing or another Ikea or Tesco.

Personally, I support the idea of care homes and would like to see some facilities for the community such as sports facilities, a new police station and new town council facilities.

I would also like to see some open space incorporated – maybe a pedestrianised market place behind the library with seating and planting.

Big ideas I know, but we are unlikely to get this opportunity again.

I wish Cllr Bagshaw all the best in his mission and I for one would like to offer whatever support I can.

Roy Saxton

Kirby Close