‘Our best gift ever’

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A FAMILY say they got the ‘best Christmas present ever’ after their two-year-old daughter was discharged from hospital for the first time just in time for Christmas.

Kelci-May Broad was allowed to leave Queen’s Medical Centre and spent Christmas at home with her family for the first time in her life.

Her mum Denise Pearson said: “It was fantastic.

“Absolutely brilliant. Terrifying at first after her spending so long in hospital, but amazing.

“Family from both sides were coming all day and she was spoilt rotten, bless her.”

Denise, of Walker Street, Eastwood, said when doctors told her Kelci-May would be allowed home it was the ‘most exciting moment’ of her life.

“She is the best Christmas present you could ever get, she really is,” she added. “You try not to get your hopes up too much. I went in and didn’t expect it to happen but it did. It was the most exciting moment of my life.”

Kelci-May’s father, Steaf Broad said she was going to be allowed out of hospital for the night last Christmas, but was too ill.

“We ended up having to take her straight back to hospital, as she just wasn’t ready for it,” said Steaf, of Turton Close, Langley Mill.

Steaf added: “She was just flat and had no energy left, and then she got swine flu just after Christmas. Now, you can’t stop her.”

Kelci-May suffers from Acute Short Bowel Syndrome and has been in Nottingham Children’s Hospital at the Queen’s Medical Centre since she was born.

“Usually we spend Christmas at hospital with her and we take her home for a couple of hours, but we would open her presents on the ward,” said 19-year-old Denise.

“This year there was no pressure of hospitals, we were in our own environment and it was great to see her happy and opening her presents.”

Acute Short Bowel Syndrome is a rare condition which means the toddler was born with only 15cm of intestine, rather than the 150cm the average person has.

She has undergone around 20 operations to lengthen her intestines.

But Kelci-May has now been discharged for good and is waiting for a bowel and intestine transplant which she cannot have until she is three-years-old.

Her mum said being at home has done her the world of good.

“She has come on so well since being at home.

“She’s got so much more energy and she is so much happier and more relaxed.”