Pals get the top grades

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Two pals at The Kimberley School each scooped three A*s and one A in the same A-level subjects last week.

High flyers Tom Pretty and Jake Hobbs both scored the top grades in maths, chemistry, physics and biology.

Jake said: “I didn’t think they were my results when I opened them!

“I thought I had picked the wrong ones up. When it sank in, I was so happy. I didn’t expect to get results anywhere near that good.”

Tom – who is going on to study at Oxford University – said he was shocked at his grades.

“I was very shocked, and then very happy.

“I was always hoping to do well but I never expected that. I’m really happy, and really looking forward to going to Oxford.”

Tom will be studying engineering at the UK’s top university, and Jake will be studying bio-chemistry at Bath.

Budding engineer Tom said he chose his course because he wanted to go on to do something with cars, while Jake said his interests lay in the workings of the body.

“I like the different mechanisms in the body and how the body co-ordinates itself to work as one uniform system,” he said.

His mum, Denise, said she was ‘extremely proud’ of her son.

“He worked really hard and we’re extremely proud of him.”

Jake said he would like to go on to design drugs for a pharmaceutical company.