Parents against strike action

NEAA 13-06-12 BE 5 Kimberley school teachers on strike.
NEAA 13-06-12 BE 5 Kimberley school teachers on strike.

Parents at The Kimberley School have launched a campaign against teachers striking over academy status.

Lisa Hartshorn and Liz Flint have collected signatures and will be at Sainsburys in Kimberley on Saturday to raise the profile of the campaign further and get more support.

Lisa said: “We are sick to death of the striking. Everyone we have spoken to says they don’t agree with what the teachers are doing. The children are missing too much school and their education is being affected, and for what?

“The benefits of the school becoming an academy far outweigh it not becoming an academy. There are no negatives for the children or their education.”

About 20 teachers at the school who are members of the National Teachers Union have held their second rouns of srikes this week with six days of industrial action held altogether. They are worried about their pay, terms and conditions and changes in school policy such as entry criteria.