Parents battle with strict uniform rule

Eastwood comprehensive school, Mansfield Road Eastwood.
Eastwood comprehensive school, Mansfield Road Eastwood.

Parents are struggling with a new strict approach to school uniform at Eastwood Comprehensive School.

Mums and dads of pupils at the school say their teens are being punished for the ‘slightest’ of things, and have branded the new rules ‘unreasonable’.

Jonathon Spibey said his daughter, Lea Hodgkinson, had been put in isolation several times for reasons including her trousers being too tight and wearing too much make-up.

The angry dad, of South Street, said: “It’s for anything – if they are wearing a hoody instead of a jumper, if they’re wearing a necklace or a ring. Anything they can find.

“There’s kids who have had their hair dyed and they are telling them it needs to be back to their natural colour. That’s nothing to do with education what colour hair you’ve got. My daughter is a good student who gets good grades.”

But headteacher at the school Stephanie Dyce said the new rules were made to improve the standards at the school, and parents were given several months to get used to the changes before they were implemented.

The school’s under-performance last year meant help had to be called in from senior teachers working in Rushcliffe, and Ms Dyce said they were now trying to turn things around for the better and improve the school’s reputation.

“We are tightening up on standards across the school and uniform is a part of this,” she said.

“It’s all in a drive to make Eastwood the best school it can be.

“Students were given plenty of notice to sort out their uniform, and they were given clear guidance as to what it should look like.

“The majority of students have a uniform to a high standard, and it’s just a small number of students that we are now dealing with,” she said.

Another angry parent, Anthony Holmes of Lindley Street, said he had to keep his twin boys off school for a week after Christmas because he could not afford to buy them new shoes.

“They were wearing little black boots and they told them they were not sensible enough shoes.

“I had to keep them off school for a week because I couldn’t afford new ones until I got some money in.

“It’s getting beyond a joke,” he added.