Parents launch fight for a new school crossing

Nottingham road, Kimberley near Broomhill road and Noel st.
Nottingham road, Kimberley near Broomhill road and Noel st.

A PETITION is being launched in a bid to get a pedestrian crossing near a school in Kimberley.

Residents want Nottinghamshire County Council to put a crossing in Nottingham Road near the junction with Noel Street and Broomhill Road for children walking to The Kimberley School.

Mum-of-two Kate Knowles said: “It’s a busy road and there’s not a safe place to cross. You can’t see clearly both ways because of the bend.

“I nearly knocked someone down pulling out my driveway and a driver nearly knocked my little boy flying as he was trying to cross.

“The vehicles do tend to speed up as they go through Kimberley and now we obviously have heavy goods vehicles because of Sainsbury’s and the new Wilkinson’s store.

“It’s a main bus route and the Giltbrook Retail Park increases traffic through Kimberley as well.”

Pupils use the gitty in Noel Street to walk the back way to The Kimberley School.

Last year a 13-year-old girl was run over on her way to school.

Neil Green, of Noel Street, gave her first aid.

He said: “I can definitely see the sense in having a crossing there.

“It’s a precarious road to cross anywhere on that stretch of road really – and with the kids using Noel Street as an access road up to the school and leisure centre it would definitely make sense to have a crossing.”

Kimberley councillor Richard Robinson is launching the petition and planning to leaflet drop in the area to get as many people on board as possible.

“We have at least 40 or 50 people on board,” he said.

Head of highways at the council Cllr Richard Jackson said: “We will investigate the matter and look into putting a crossing on the road if one is needed.”