Park could get CCTV after arson attack

Stag recreation ground
Stag recreation ground

CCTV may have to be installed at a play park in Kimberley after the newly-refurbished surface was torched in an arson attack.

The Stag recreational ground behind Hama Medical Centre, on Nottingham Road, had recently undergone a £200,000 makeover but the new floor was set alight on the night of Monday September 8.

According to the police report, the arson attack had been carried out in a professional way using cling film as kindling to maximise the damage.

At the full Kimberley Town Council meeting last Thursday, councillors discussed whether the best course of action would be to install CCTV in order to prevent the park from being damaged again.

Concerns were also raised at the council meeting after three small kitchen knives were found in the bushes of the park, as well as reports of drinking, vandalism and cannabis use at the ground.

Council leader Dave Nunn said: “We owe it to the community to make the area a safe place for children.

“We are taking advice from the police and other councils which have installed CCTV cameras.

“It is only a very small minority causing the problems but it only takes one person with a knife to cause a serious issue.”

However, other councillors raised concerns that installing CCTV would not actually tackle the problem.

Cllr Karen Tennant said: “It would mean accepting it is going to happen and just watching it.”

She added that most of the time it is difficult to identify anyone as the images are so grainy, it is often dark and the offenders could be wearing hoods which hide their faces.

Kimberley Town Council are currently reviewing several methods of deterring future vandalism and are in discussions with Broxtowe Borough Council.

A repair of the ground will cost more than £2,000 which should be covered by the council’s insurance and the work will be carried out as soon as possible.

Police are still appealing for any information about the arson attack.

If you saw anything suspicious please contact 101.