Passing on love of God

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The progress of the Olympic flame through Britain on the journey to the Olympic stadium. The concept of passing it on from one to the other is amazing and the linking together of the original ancient Olympic dream to the modern day London games. The flame has and will continue to travel by air, land and sea to another country via future generations of people who will be privileged to share in carrying the torch.
We still have to wait and see who will take the final pass and finally light the flame at the opening ceremony.
The concept of passing on items or information is an age old one. You may recently have seen the lighting of beacons across the land in celebration of the jubilee. This is in itself a reminder of how the beacons were used to warn of attack or major events in history.
On a more personal note, I remember in the seventies we had a bread shortage and the word was soon passed on that a particular shop or bakery had bread on sale. 
Everyone was soon telling others so that we could all benefit. Simply by passing on useful information to each other we can make a difference in so many ways and often help to solve what can be great problems to others. This can be a benefit to family, friends and the community we live in.
The Christian church is based on the truth of the love of God to us seen through the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus. He commissioned his own disciples before his ascension into heaven by telling the disciples “Go out into the world and preach, teach and baptise in my name.” This was Jesus’ way of passing on the light of life to his disciples and ultimately his Church with the promise, “I will be with you always”. The light has and is still being passed on, changing and improving those who will believe and accept the challenge. It has and is my joy to be one of them who has been called to share the news of the love of God to each one of us through Jesus. This is what I want to pass on to you in the spirit of the passing of the torch. It does make a difference. I encourage you all in your own ways to consider what you may want to pass on, you will be amazed at what a difference it can make. The nearest we may get to seeing the Olympic torch passed on will be in Nottingham at the end of June, but if we pass on our help it may be seen all around us.

God bless you.

John Farrington