Paths bid to tackle obesity

A share of £500,000 is to be spent on improving pavements in Eastwood in a bid to encourage walking and tackle levels of obesity.

Nottinghamshire County Council identified four towns that will benefit from improvements to footpaths.

The areas, which also include Brinsley, were chosen using what the authority has called ‘obesity prevalence

The council gave the go ahead to the scheme at a transport and highways committee meeting on July 6.

In its proposals the council states that work is underway to identify footways to shops, schools and other facilities in specific housing estates to encourage people to be more active and therefore help tackle obesity.

Jeanette Chawner, who runs a Slimming World club in the area, said it was good the council was doing something to encourage people to get out and walk, but she was unsure as to whether or not fixing pavements was the answer.

“It’s great that the council is looking into it, doing something about it and encouraging people to get out there and walk,” she said.

“It’s not just about fixing pavements though.”

The £500,000 is part of a £2 million package of Government funding which was awarded to the authority. The other areas are East Retford and Central Newark.

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