Patient’s fury over red tape

NEAALM110413A1 - Phil Turner is angry at staff at the Queens medical centre
NEAALM110413A1 - Phil Turner is angry at staff at the Queens medical centre
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AN EASTWOOD man is calling for a written apology after hospital staff messed him around with his lift home and the delivery of his specialist furniture to help him in the house.

Phil Turner was taken to his old address by the Queen’s Medical Centre driver, who then insisted on taking him back to hospital because of the mix up – despite him showing proof of his correct address.

Mr Turner, who had knee surgery, had a lift in an ambulance because he could not bend his leg to get in a car.

“It’s bureaucracy in its finest form,” he said

“It took them six hours to get me home. I had my appointment card on me with my correct address on it but they weren’t prepared to take my word for it. It’s incompetence and stupidity.”

The 62-year-old, who lives at Hopkins Court, was then told his special seating to help him while his knee repairs would be with him the following day, but was still waiting for it to arrive five days later, when he was then told they had been trying to deliver it to his neighbour.

“I’m not wasting any more of my time on people who can’t do their job properly,” he said. “I think it’s disgusting and I want a written apology.”

A spokesperson for East Midlands Ambulance Service, which organised the lift, said: “The information passed to us by the Queen’s Medical Centre gave Mr Turner’s old address in Arnold. The vehicle that Mr Turner was allocated had other pre-booked patients to pick up and take back to the hospital who would have missed their appointments if Mr Turner was taken on to Eastwood.”

And a spokesman for Nottingham University Hospitals Trust said: “We are currently investigating how Mr Turner was sent by the Queens Medical Centre to his former address.”