Peggy celebrates her 100th birthday

A woman who used to run a hairdressing salon in Eastwood celebrated her 100th birthday this week.

Peggy Bestwick was treated to a get together with over 60 family and friends and a thanks giving service with an ex-Greasley minister.

Rev Terry Joyce, who used to be minister in St Mary’s when Peggy was a regular church-goer, came all the way from Yorkshire to lead the service at Alexandra Nursing Home.

Peggy’s son, Stephen Bestwick, said Rev Joyce ‘had a lot of respect’ for Peggy and agreed to help mark the milestone.

“She’s not seen him for 15 years but he was a very good minister and cared a lot for the local people and had a lot of respect for them.

“He knew my mum very well and liked her a lot so he said he would come and do the service.”

Devout christian Peggy, who used to live at Mill Road, Newthorpe, said the secret to a long life was “fresh air, good food and trust in God.”

In the 1930s and 40s she used to run a hairdressing salon in Church Street, Eastwood.

During the war she would cut hair during the day and work in a local factory making parts for Lancaster Bombers in the evening.

Later in life, in the early 70s, she was a dinner lady at Beauvale Primary School.

Stephen, 56, said: “She was a hard worker, very honest, always went to church and loved her family.”

Peggy married Ronald Bestwick and has two sons, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She still has communion every two weeks at Alexandra Nursing Home.