Pensioner munches through 15,000 packets of crisps

SWEET POTATO: Mary Bradley is swamped by her favourite snack, Seabrook crisps
SWEET POTATO: Mary Bradley is swamped by her favourite snack, Seabrook crisps

Crisps-loving Eastwood pensioner Mary Bradley is sure to have bags of fun after being rewarded for munching through a packet of her favourite snack every day — for more than 40 years!

For the 87-year-old, of Church Street, who has an obsession with Seabrook Crisps, has received a special prize for her devotion to the brand.

Can you guess what it is? Yes, that’s right — a vanload of CRISPS!

The special delivery was made by Seabrook after the firm heard from Mary’s friend, Anne Marriot, of Newthorpe about her love affair with its crisps, which has lasted more than four decades.

At just one packet a day, that’s an incredible 14,600 bags of crisps.

Mary is a self-confessed Seabrook devotee and sometimes scoffs two packets a day — if she wants to treat herself!

She became hooked after tasting Seabrook Crisps at a local bingo hall in the 1970s. Mary hunted down the Seabrook van driver and arranged to get a box delivered on a regular basis. After a few years Mary was delighted that appreciation for her favourite crinkle-cut snack had spread and she could buy them at the supermarket.

However, not any flavour Seabrook will do. When it comes to the crunch, Seabrook’s Sea Salted is Mary’s favourite. Her daily ritual is to enjoy a packet at tea-time with a sandwich.

As a ‘thank you’ for her years of loyalty and support the Yorkshire-based brand delivered its first batch of Sea Salted crisps to Mary this week, with another delivery due to come later this year.

Mary said: “This is a lovely surprise and one of the most exciting things to happen to me! I’ll enjoy tucking into them and might even give some to my nieces and nephews.”

Marketing director at Seabrook Crisps, Kevin Butterworth, said: “We were really touched when we heard about Mary’s long-time devotion for Seabrook Crisps and we wanted to give something back to her. It was only appropriate that we keep her well stocked with her favourite crisps!”