Pensioner raises fears for woodland

Coppice Saints Wood: Michael Daff has concerns for the future of the wood.
Coppice Saints Wood: Michael Daff has concerns for the future of the wood.
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A pensioner from Brinsley is angry at plans to chop down some trees in a woodland he uses near his home.

Michael Daff feels the plan to fell and prune trees at Saint Coppice Woodlands could damage the wood and may impact on wildlife there.

The woodland is at the back of Springbank Farm off Cordy Lane, in the village, and backs onto a home for people with learning disabilities, who regularly visit the site.

Broxtowe Borough Council is working on a ‘woodland management plan’ with surrounding farm owners, which the council says includes pruning trees and chopping some dead or dying ones down 
because they are in a ‘dangerous state’.

A spokesman for the council said some trees at the Saint Coppice needed to be removed in the future.

But Mr Daff feels the trees would be better left alone and cutting them would spoil the woodland.

He said: “They say it’s health and safety.

The nature lover is also concerned the work might impact on any wildlife.

He said: “It’s an ancient woodland with bluebells, bracken deer, grass snake and birds like the nuthatch and willow warbler.”

As part of the council’s plan, teenagers from the Prince’s Trust have recently been pruning and pollarding some of the trees.

A council spokesperson said: “Currently, no trees have been removed from this area.

“Some of the trees have been identified by a 
woodland specialist as dead, dying or damaged and are in a dangerous state and the safe removal of these will be part of the future plan.

“Recently a group of young people from the Prince’s Trust have been doing some much needed maintenance work in the woodland.

“The work is acknowledged by the council as part of the management plan.

“The woodland is managed by a charity set up for people with learning disabilities and it is also accessed by resident of the adjoining care facility by agreement with charity.”